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Timers and ... stuff

Hi all!

Been pretty busy lately digging in the big black timer.pngmystery box called Timer  on those nifty AVR controllers.

I think I finally have a clue how they work, and more then that, how they can be put to good uses. 

One application I'm going to do now that I have a clue, is to (try to) do microstepping. Yeah I blabbered about that other times too.

Yet another L298 based motor controller

Hi all,

motor controller

















 This came out as a sub project related to my DIY CNC machine "the Beast"  because the outputs of the Arduino would not suffice to control the motors. So I chose to use I2C for this purpose and designed my own little guy.

Note to myself

void begin_note(void) {

printf ("Always use the same damn pinout when having multiple motor controllers ... youuuu IDIOT !!/n");

printf("Or you'll just waist a lot of time scratching your damn TinHead!!/n");

printf("At least comment your lousy code ... wannabe programmer you ..../n");



The Valkyrie

Hi all!

So the Beast is dead, buried, gone .... I actually intended to keep it as it was but hey I needed the parts :)

The new machine (Valkyrie) is basically completed and since the keyword for this one is ADJUSTABLE I still have to adjust things :D

Will start soon a new robot page for it ... stay tuned.. 

First Cut

Here is a quick preview:

first cutFirst cut yey :D
















And a closeup:


The Beast II - Evolution

Hi all,

 In case anyone wondered what happened with that dude with his wooden CNC machine, well I'm still kicking :)

I have finally reached a milestone with this guy, software seems fine, motors turn, everything is mounted back in it's place.

I have modified the Y axis to acomodate the Z axis, reprogrammed the motor controllers many times over and over, added radiators, killed and revived the arduino software .... etc, etc, ....

 And finally it came to this:


Project: The Beast (DIY CNC machine project)

Hi all,

Meet the Beast!

The Beast















 (eh please ignore the junk around it)


Hello LMR

Hi all,

 I have finally decided to join LMR after about 6 months of watching and learning from you guys. 

 First of all I'd like to say Hi Fritsl, you've done a great job bringing all those people toghether by creating such a community. I wish I had this idea before you:D

I would also like  to say Hello to Chris the Carpenter, OddBot, Rik,BOA, TheCowGod you guys rock.

And least but not last Hello to the rest of people of LMR.


Ok enough hellos, back to work.