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Update - 10.02.2015 - Nothing more to add  Marking this thing as done as I'm definetely not going to continue work on this.  Everything related to this one is … Read more
Hi all, I gave in to BOB :) This is how mine looks like currently, except for beeing blue it's the same as all BOB's out there. I do plan to add extra stuff but … Read more
Drives around controlled by a web interface and streams video
Using a
Hey all, I finish building this about 2 weekends ago but I never got to actually post it so here it is: Raspberry Pi tracked bot or short RPI-TB-2 :) Built this one … Read more
Hi all, Here is a quick build I made today, for the fun of myself and my daughter: Sonibot. I did this one to see how well modified microservos would do as simple … Read more
nothing it's a freaking wip (rolls around blindly)
  Hi all, This is the new bot I'm working on, simply called Tracked Bot #2 - TB2 It's pretty much a WIP and it will stay so for a while ... in the mean time … Read more
It is controlled trough IR commands
Using a
Hi all, This is it! As I got a fully (more or less) functional CNC (see here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24217), I can finally start doing what I have intended … Read more
  Hi all, Behold my new little toy, the CRAB. This is my attempt at creating a 4WD rover like bot, the main target here beeing making use of the little motors I … Read more
Hi LMR! Well the time has come, this is my first ... OK not first but first posted bot :D This little dude has been built and rebuilt for 3 times now, it's purpose … Read more
Cuts shapes with better precision then me :D
Using a
Pictures:  - the front   - the back - left - right - the power unit Read more
For now it draws the shapes provided, eventually it should cut them too - actually does do cutting now :D
Using a
Hi all,  As OddBot suggested on my blog I have created a robot page for this thing. I will update this page with more pictures schematics, code and video as soon … Read more