Let's Make Robots!

"The Return of The Son of Richard Gear" - quoting Jax ;)

... Well JAX you said it :)

Here is the latest and greatest in 3D printed gears, now with perfect roundness and accuracy.

Gears! Complete gear set for TB-2 

Radu's Big Machine

Hi all,

This should be a something else but since it's not my creation I'll just praise the creator in a blog and if he ever finds time maybe he'll post on his own.

So last weekend Radu, a friend brought this to me:


It will print plastic parts when it's done ... hopefully :)
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It prints plastic parts to help me in my plan to conquer the world ... bua-ha-haaa
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Of Pi's and Linuxes

I finally got my hands on the thing I wanted to get first time a heard of it :D

Been trying to roll my own little custom distro for it from scratch ... unfortuantely cross-compiling stuff has it's challenges and it's going to take a lot. For example getting Python compiled is impossible this way, it's building process relyes on native compiler, so it has to be compiled on the Pi.

So I'm using Archlinuxarm on it now and trying to get the kernel customized ...

More to follow.  


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Boston and NY here I come!

Hi all,

This is to let you know I'll be visiting Boston and NY between 28 July - 5 or 6 August. I'll spend the week in Boston at a training with the company I work for, which will probably leave me very little time to visit much of Boston, but it ends on Friday and I'll try spending the weekend visiting NY. 

So if anyone has suggestions for good and cheap places to stay in NY (I will not be alone but with 4 coworkers) and maybe want's to meet for a beer let me know. 


Campus Party - Berlin 2012


As you might seen on the first page a new CP is going to happen in Berlin on 21-26 August in an airport :D 

I'd like to go, last time I got invited but even without an invitation the trip would be somewhere around 400 Euros including the airplane ticket, and if it will be like the last time it will be worth going. 

Frits can you post some more info on this when you get some time/more inside info?


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