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PCB milling


I finally got an usable result trying to mill PCB with my machine. 

I tested using this Eagle PCB layout:











I then generated g-code out of it using the pcb-gcode eagle plugin with the settings below:






Stepper Driver V3 (draft)

Hi all,

I've been working on the driver for the next CNC, V3.

This one should be able to drive bigger motors up to about 2.5 Amps per coil, while providing current limiting.

It's features shold be the following:

- wave, full and halfstepping selectable in software

- I2C and step/dir/enable interface available on board

- home sensors connectors

Below is an iamge of the PCB I layed out:







Hi all, would any one need PCBs/parts cut using my machine?

It looks like my CNC is finished and ready to do stuff, so I was wondering if could make some money out of it.

Stuff I could fabricate:

I should be able to use the machine to fabricate the following stuff:

- PCBs made with Eagle up to the maximum size allowed with the free version - I'm still working on the details but I'm sure I'll get it to do this properly, first tests look promising

The Valkyrie projects blog

Hi all,

If no one has anything against it, I will use this blog to post projects done with the Valkyrie.

To start with, here is the design flow I found to work well for doing stuff with the Valkyrie. Actually there are two flows, one for PCB making and another for cutting, milling etc. Note that I'm using Linux to do all my stuff, for Windows I have no clue which software to use. 

1. PCB's

a. The PCB is designed with Eagle which can be found here: http://www.cadsoft.de/

KTY83-110 sensor maximum temperature

Hi all,

 One question for you:

 What do PTC sensors as this one KTY83-110 (datasheet here: http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/philips/KTY83_SERIES_5.pdf) do when the measured temperature exceeds the one specified in the datasheet? 

In this case it is 175 degrees celsius, the temperature I would measure might go well over 200 degrees celsius.

Will it still return a reading? Will it smoke or will it blow?

Timers and ... stuff

Hi all!

Been pretty busy lately digging in the big black timer.pngmystery box called Timer  on those nifty AVR controllers.

I think I finally have a clue how they work, and more then that, how they can be put to good uses. 

One application I'm going to do now that I have a clue, is to (try to) do microstepping. Yeah I blabbered about that other times too.

Attiny2313 and timer1 pwm setup

Hi all,

I'm admiting my defeat, I need help .... search does not help, datasheed confuses me even more, tutorials ususally handle just one output.

I'm trying to do a simple task:

Use the timer1 on the AtTiny2313 in mode 8 - PWM, Phase and Frequency Correct, with both channels (PB3, PB4) on, to fade two leds.

Does anyone know how the damn thing has to be initialised? Post some code if you can.


Yet another L298 based motor controller

Hi all,

motor controller

















 This came out as a sub project related to my DIY CNC machine "the Beast"  because the outputs of the Arduino would not suffice to control the motors. So I chose to use I2C for this purpose and designed my own little guy.

Note to myself

void begin_note(void) {

printf ("Always use the same damn pinout when having multiple motor controllers ... youuuu IDIOT !!/n");

printf("Or you'll just waist a lot of time scratching your damn TinHead!!/n");

printf("At least comment your lousy code ... wannabe programmer you ..../n");