Let's Make Robots!

I have a 50% off code for a DF- Rover

Well everyone in the Microcontroller contest at instructables recieved a 50% off code for this robot http://www.robotshop.com/dfrobotshop-rover-tracked-robot-basic-kit.html

I am not going to use mine. 50% off means you still have to pay $45 for it. I will give this code away to some one who will actually spend the $45 to buy the robot. I do not want to give it to someone else who will not use it.

Vote for LMR users over at instructables contest

I entered my "pong" project into the instructables LED contest. If you are a member of instructables and like my project then you can vote for my project here http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=36 There is no direct link for the voting so you will have to find my project on that page.

Jad Berro also entered his project named "My Vario" which currently is the first one on this page http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=108

You should enter this contest (ends june 5th)


Just enter something you have already made. I would enter, but I am not 18...


Check out week 7:


A Large Touch Surface Brainstorm

Something I was thinking about was what if you were to build a surface that had fast moving linear  sensors on the side. These sensors could be moved maybe with a stepper motor and a timing belt. So you have a sensor moving in the x direction and one in the y direction. Now you should be able to put your finger on this surface and the sensors would detected it. The x and y coordinates could be figured out and boom, you have a large touch surface. Maybe these sensors could be IR range sensors, or a laser and photo cell.

Chess software development

Well i really want a good playing chess robot. I am no chess engine programming guru. So i decided that with my bi-directional wireless communication, i might as well have the chess program run on my computer and communicate with the robot. So i did some googling. Found that there are lots of chess engines that are meant to be communicated with. Well my mac already has one that i can play in terminal. That seems pretty bare bones and simple to communicate with. Now im just wondering how to communicate with a separate script from my perl script.

Does LMR need a good prototype board?

Im thinking with all the things we make, a lot of times on a prototype board or some perf board, we at least deserve a good one that we agree has the layout we want. I think something we designed might be more useful than something like this http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/21-4580&CAWELAID=220241321 or these http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?c=149 . Not to mention i prefer proper PCBs with traces and a solder mask instead of the exposed copper.

ESC says dont use above 3500mah battery

My ESC on the AGV says do not use a battery above 3500mah (something like that maybe a bit greater. I peeled the sticker off already)  with it. Well this limits my driving time, and i would like more. So i am wondering why would there be a limit like this on it? i thought current was asked for, why would there be a limit for how much could be supplied? I want to wire my batteries in parallel to get longer driving time, but am afraid to with this warning. Can i raise my current and lower my maximum speed?

A solar powered (blank)

I am going to participate in a solar powered challenge. To sum it up, the challenge is to build what ever my team wants using solar panels. My school has 6 85 watt solar panels, they are pretty large. I still need to get more specs on them but i also need ideas for what to make. My first thought is a solar powered wireless weather station. Im just wondering what your thoughts are on this and any ideas you have because i need a good one urgently. Does not have to be a robot, but it can be. 

The new Arduino era

They said they were cooking us up something...


They will announce the new changes saturday, september 25 at maker faire. 

Just creating this to show and discuss the changes.Arduino Uno


At 3 pm, Sunday September 25th, the arduino team will be speaking at makerfaire on the improvements. This will be live some where on the internet...

Massed Produced Nano Sumo Survey

Here is a small survey on the production of a Nano Sumo kit. If this idea is to be feasible, we will need your input. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HB72FTW

(by kit i mean everything needed to make one)