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I have a 50% off code for a DF- Rover

Well everyone in the Microcontroller contest at instructables recieved a 50% off code for this robot http://www.robotshop.com/dfrobotshop-rover-tracked-robot-basic-kit.html

I am not going to use mine. 50% off means you still have to pay $45 for it. I will give this code away to some one who will actually spend the $45 to buy the robot. I do not want to give it to someone else who will not use it.

Vote for LMR users over at instructables contest

I entered my "pong" project into the instructables LED contest. If you are a member of instructables and like my project then you can vote for my project here http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=36 There is no direct link for the voting so you will have to find my project on that page.

Jad Berro also entered his project named "My Vario" which currently is the first one on this page http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=108

Well I originally had a blog post on this project, but now that I have video I feel like it is time for an official post. Read more
Here is my custom controller version 2. I made it so I can have some input to my robots and get information back. It is a simple design. It has a LCD, Xbee, custom … Read more
Here is one of my projects I am currently working on. It is a triple deck, 4 wheel rover. You might of seen my blog here, so some of this might be a repeat of … Read more

You should enter this contest (ends june 5th)


Just enter something you have already made. I would enter, but I am not 18...


Check out week 7:


3 new projects

I have started 3 new projects. I mainly wanted to use the laser cutter at school before the school year was over. So I made these things which I will be fully constructing in the upcoming weeks. I just threw stuff together for some photos.

My custom controller v2:


 A rover:


and Hexapod V2:

Makes serial communication between 2 Arduino microcontrollers easier
One of my friends online, Bill Porter, made a library that makes serial communication between 2 Arduino microcontrollers easier. When he first sent me the library … Read more