Let's Make Robots!

Chess software development

Well i really want a good playing chess robot. I am no chess engine programming guru. So i decided that with my bi-directional wireless communication, i might as well have the chess program run on my computer and communicate with the robot. So i did some googling. Found that there are lots of chess engines that are meant to be communicated with. Well my mac already has one that i can play in terminal. That seems pretty bare bones and simple to communicate with. Now im just wondering how to communicate with a separate script from my perl script.

Quadcopter begins


Well i finally went through with it and started on a quadcopter. I will probably just stick to doing RC with it but who knows, maybe one day i will make a quadcopter UAV.




  This is a review of the Cyperbolic Reflector  Available at Gadget Gangster   For complete specifications and assembly process, download the PDF at the top … Read more


Ok so for one i moved it to a blog and two it now has some different functions.

The first thing i added was a password. In-order to get to the main menu, you have to type in a sequence using the input buttons.

The second new thing is the distance feature. I sat down and changed the sharp's numbers to inches and figured out to what extent to change the distance to the next one. It is pretty accurate but only goes up to 12in and down to 4in.

Does LMR need a good prototype board?

Im thinking with all the things we make, a lot of times on a prototype board or some perf board, we at least deserve a good one that we agree has the layout we want. I think something we designed might be more useful than something like this http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/21-4580&CAWELAID=220241321 or these http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/categories.php?c=149 . Not to mention i prefer proper PCBs with traces and a solder mask instead of the exposed copper.


Do you remember when you were a kid, and you spent your time playing pong? Neither do I. But why not bring it back? Yes a portable pong game. 

So i set out on my quest...

After some decisions, i decided i would make a pong game using 6 LED matrices, 6 MAX7219CNG, 2 potentiometers + KNOBS!!, and some custom PCBs. So here is where i am at so far, just have a collection of parts but im working on it, still waiting for the PCBs to arrive. 


ESC says dont use above 3500mah battery

My ESC on the AGV says do not use a battery above 3500mah (something like that maybe a bit greater. I peeled the sticker off already)  with it. Well this limits my driving time, and i would like more. So i am wondering why would there be a limit like this on it? i thought current was asked for, why would there be a limit for how much could be supplied? I want to wire my batteries in parallel to get longer driving time, but am afraid to with this warning. Can i raise my current and lower my maximum speed?

A solar powered (blank)

I am going to participate in a solar powered challenge. To sum it up, the challenge is to build what ever my team wants using solar panels. My school has 6 85 watt solar panels, they are pretty large. I still need to get more specs on them but i also need ideas for what to make. My first thought is a solar powered wireless weather station. Im just wondering what your thoughts are on this and any ideas you have because i need a good one urgently. Does not have to be a robot, but it can be. 

I have my own website now

Well it isnt that new but i am just announcing it. Many people on this site have told me that i should make my own, a place where my projects can easily be found and posts that are clean and complete without all the "Update .... Update .... Update". You might find other information that is on my site and not here, but that is unlikely. I am way more active here then i am at posting stuff on my site, only the finished product will go on my site as a virtual portfolio. You can see that i am not even done moving all my information on my robots from this site to mine.

The new Arduino era

They said they were cooking us up something...


They will announce the new changes saturday, september 25 at maker faire. 

Just creating this to show and discuss the changes.Arduino Uno


At 3 pm, Sunday September 25th, the arduino team will be speaking at makerfaire on the improvements. This will be live some where on the internet...