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Massed Produced Nano Sumo Survey

Here is a small survey on the production of a Nano Sumo kit. If this idea is to be feasible, we will need your input. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HB72FTW

(by kit i mean everything needed to make one)

  I give you the Nano Sumo bot, a collaborative project between myself and Gary. View Gary's post on Mechanics here I think this bot "is" many things. Smallest … Read more

ustream-> Arduino. For My Chess Robot

Ok so the idea is to have live chess matches using Ustream and my chess robot on the front page of LMR. So i understand i need a IRC client and stuff. I have already made a bot and have it linked up to my Ustream. I need serial data from the commands that are typed into ustream from LMR members, like b8->b9, to go to my Arduino so the chess robot can move the piece. I have never written a computer program in my life and i dont know where to start or what to use. Please help so frits will stop bugging me. :)


Here is my AGV. It drives to GPS waypoints.  It is currently using a Arduino, GPS, and of course a motor controller. The bot itself is a Hummer RC truck from … Read more
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For sale is the AGV PCB only with no parts on the board. This AGV PCB is the one i used on my AGV. It is designed for making a AGV using a GPS ( the EM406a) and a … Read more

Picaxe and Arduino- all on one board

Well here is the idea. A board with a Picaxe and a Arduino on it (Picaxe 28x2 and Arduino 328). It will have I/Os from both of them and one programming port. There will be space for both chips. You can use one, or the other, or both. Maybe use one as a slave. I would think this would be good for people who want to start off and cant decide between either. A side by side comparison if you will. All programmed with one port and one FTDI cable. I have started work on a schematic. Any comments / ideas? I have researched programming a Picaxe with a Arduino FTDI cable.

I am going to tell you how to use the same cable you use to program your Arduino with to program a Picaxe. I am sure this could also be used the other way around … Read more
This project is pretty simple. It is a atmega 168 with the arduino bootloader running a lottery code i wrote. The lottery code has 6 user chosen lottery numbers … Read more

Anyone like to inspect my schematic/board?

This is the first time i have made a eagle file or designed a board for that matter. It is a arduino board to hopefully be used in a upcoming AGV. Just want someone to check the schematic (which is bloody horrible looking in eagle), and general design. I was trying to keep it under 5cm x 5cm. I might have missed something or maybe just designed this board wrong.