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I have my own website now

Well it isnt that new but i am just announcing it. Many people on this site have told me that i should make my own, a place where my projects can easily be found and posts that are clean and complete without all the "Update .... Update .... Update". You might find other information that is on my site and not here, but that is unlikely. I am way more active here then i am at posting stuff on my site, only the finished product will go on my site as a virtual portfolio. You can see that i am not even done moving all my information on my robots from this site to mine.

The new Arduino era

They said they were cooking us up something...


They will announce the new changes saturday, september 25 at maker faire. 

Just creating this to show and discuss the changes.Arduino Uno


At 3 pm, Sunday September 25th, the arduino team will be speaking at makerfaire on the improvements. This will be live some where on the internet...

Massed Produced Nano Sumo Survey

Here is a small survey on the production of a Nano Sumo kit. If this idea is to be feasible, we will need your input. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HB72FTW

(by kit i mean everything needed to make one)

  I give you the Nano Sumo bot, a collaborative project between myself and Gary. View Gary's post on Mechanics here I think this bot "is" many things. Smallest … Read more

ustream-> Arduino. For My Chess Robot

Ok so the idea is to have live chess matches using Ustream and my chess robot on the front page of LMR. So i understand i need a IRC client and stuff. I have already made a bot and have it linked up to my Ustream. I need serial data from the commands that are typed into ustream from LMR members, like b8->b9, to go to my Arduino so the chess robot can move the piece. I have never written a computer program in my life and i dont know where to start or what to use. Please help so frits will stop bugging me. :)


Here is my AGV. It drives to GPS waypoints.  It is currently using a Arduino, GPS, and of course a motor controller. The bot itself is a Hummer RC truck from … Read more
  So you are interested in building a GPS guided vehicle? Well this is not for the beginner. This walk through does not hold your hand. I am expecting that you … Read more
For sale is the AGV PCB only with no parts on the board. This AGV PCB is the one i used on my AGV. It is designed for making a AGV using a GPS ( the EM406a) and a … Read more

Picaxe and Arduino- all on one board

Well here is the idea. A board with a Picaxe and a Arduino on it (Picaxe 28x2 and Arduino 328). It will have I/Os from both of them and one programming port. There will be space for both chips. You can use one, or the other, or both. Maybe use one as a slave. I would think this would be good for people who want to start off and cant decide between either. A side by side comparison if you will. All programmed with one port and one FTDI cable. I have started work on a schematic. Any comments / ideas? I have researched programming a Picaxe with a Arduino FTDI cable.

I am going to tell you how to use the same cable you use to program your Arduino with to program a Picaxe. I am sure this could also be used the other way around … Read more