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ASM to HEX translation

so how do I get from MPLAB .asm file to the hex that winpic wants?

continuous servos

For all you guys who have bought or modified a continuous 360 servo, how does it work?

 I want to be able to have a very controllable motor that I can tell to make specific number of turns and stop.  Would that be a way the continuous servo could work?

 I mean, for other servos, sending different square waves gives different angles, but if the servo goes all the way around and again...  how do you tell it what you want?

 (just want to know if it is feasible and a general sense of how it works before I buy one and try it)

16F690 oddities

So apparently pin 11 can be used as Vdd and pin 10 as Vss?

so I accidentally plugged in my PIC backwards in my circuit on my bread board.  When the led didn't light (it was supposed to blink), I assumed I got the code wrong and had the led connected to the wrong pin, so I plugged the led in different placed until the led flashed, then I realized it was the right pin, just wrong side.

 Is the chip smart enough to figure out what I want as input voltage?  If the pins can be used as power source and ground, why isn't it listed as such in the data sheet?