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connecting an i2c device with an AXE020 project board.

I've been thinking about playing around with 



So I'm still thinking about buiding my LED array, but I'll try changeing my strategy.

has anyone used a MAX7219 LED-displaydriver with a Picax? it seems quite a few have done this but I'm finding it hard to find good schematics and examples of how to wire it all up. 

any Ideas of how to start coding for it?



Bidirectional I/O on picaxe X2 chips.


I'm planning to build a LED array to display graphics, patterns and things like that. One Idea is to build a robot with a LED "face".

I have some experience with the picaxe chips so I was planning on using one of those for this build. I've got my eye on the Picaxe-28X2 module.

I've been reading about the 28X2 chip having bidirectional I/O pins but I can't tell from the Picaxe manual spec how many inputs or outputs it has, or how many of these are bidirectional. 

well this is what I've been working on for a while. The plans started out as a hexapod with the same basic idea, but the servos I ordered for it are a bit weak so I … Read more

dancing hexapod

A dancing hexapod from somerobot competition

the head just makes it look scary, but the movements are very good



Not much. It's a testbed for me when learning some programming.
Using a
hi this is another "my first robot" kind of thing. Got inspired after seeing the robots on this page and bought a picaxe 28x1 kit and a pair of motors with … Read more

playing dr frankenstein

While out on the town during an anual festival I ran into something that I though would make a fun robot project.

Namely this thing:


 it's a cheap toy robot that drives around making miscelanious annoying noises. It's 20 cm tall, 12 cm wide and 12 cm "deep". It drives around using a small DC motor powered by 3 AA's. The first thing I did when I got it home was take it apart, and as suspected it's fairly empty.