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Picaxe servopos vs pulsin - why different?

For various reasons, I am trying to emulate the function of a servo control board, insofar as the application will be only for motor speed and direction control via one pin and a pwm input- essentially, I'm trying to make a tiny motor driver compatible with inputs via a picaxe servopos command.

(I think there's lot of other potential applications here, but this is where I'm at for now).



compact direction-switching for pager motors.

I have a quesiton for the wiser people with more time than I do.

I am  driving a small pager motor with a PWM signal from a RC+inverter system (similar to a "neurone" in a beam bot with the output forming its own input, or even a "solar theremin" curcuit).The signal is modulated via a resistor+LDR to change the frequency of the signal pulses and piped off to drive a tiny motor. If necessary, with a bit of amplification.

A thought for using the tristate capability of (some) picaxe pins

After reading Nuumio's tip, and reading some of the efforts by oddbot, nuumio and ignoblegnome, I was wondering if is possible to take advantage of the tristate config of the picaxe pins using only one transistor for each pin. I was really just trying to reduce the component count.. or more usefully, the SIZE of the board and it's cost.


optimsing the 08 by sheer brute force
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picaxe08M - using pin 5 for ADC input AND speaker output. problems.

Hello people.


The problem, as always is situated between the chair and the keyboard.

Telefox mentioned that a pizo is actually capacitor-like, not resistor like as I had assumed. The diode therefore, prevents the pizo from discharging. A proposed solution was to buffer the pizo with a transistor and pulldown resistor, or a double transistor (i.e an inverted inverter), with a pull up. 

I'll try these, and see how it all works out. 

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Vaccums the floor.. in the future
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To do list!

I don't really know what this is for - so apologies if it's not what I think it is and my rambling are cluttering up front space in anything/something.This won't make very interesting reading, but it's to document where I'm up to a bit.


So here I'm putting my unformed ideas, with the intent to figure out how to make them exist.

Great Idea Number 0; pcb scanner/engraver.

This thing just derbys around using three differentially rotating balls to move in any direction
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This robot is navigates by (avoiding) wall and cliff. It moves around the floor, vacuuming it.
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Can I check if my new flashy Futaba s3003 is fair dinkum?

Okay so I got a few new futaba s3003 servos cheapish, and while I'm looking around on other sites to see some prices, I notice that somone left someon else some negative feeback for the servos they bought, claiming that they were not legit futaba servos.

Not knowing a lot about futaba, I'm not entirely sure if I have real futaba servos - at this stage, they were so cheap it hardly matters, but for future reference - how does one spot a fake?