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A thought for using the tristate capability of (some) picaxe pins

After reading Nuumio's tip, and reading some of the efforts by oddbot, nuumio and ignoblegnome, I was wondering if is possible to take advantage of the tristate config of the picaxe pins using only one transistor for each pin. I was really just trying to reduce the component count.. or more usefully, the SIZE of the board and it's cost.


To do list!

I don't really know what this is for - so apologies if it's not what I think it is and my rambling are cluttering up front space in anything/something.This won't make very interesting reading, but it's to document where I'm up to a bit.


So here I'm putting my unformed ideas, with the intent to figure out how to make them exist.

Great Idea Number 0; pcb scanner/engraver.