Let's Make Robots!
Learn how to make a robot, no skills needed, very, very easy.
Using a
If you have purchased an "Instant Robot" shield, you can find a project using that shield here.If you prefer the instructions in a single PDF, Dominic / Servello … Read more

I'm already doing well!

I just made my first real sale, that is one test sale and one real sale. Oh baby, this is going to be cool!


(Backend of the marketplace, my personal webshop)

OK, I have just given up making a balancing robot. Ever.

Making a balancing robot - or even dreaming of making one just lost it's appeal.. because I will never make anything like this.,

Drives around and finds stuff to play drums on. Samples what it plays, and play to the samples.
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How to make a Yellow Drum Machine    Audiofile Engineering asked me to make a robot like this for them, to be won in a promotional contest. Yellow Drum Machine II … Read more
Please note: The info on this page is about a board. However, things can be different depending on which chips you stick into the sockets of that board, and how … Read more

California LMR field trip 2014

Hi guys,

I’m going to the 3D printer world Expo Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2014, Burbank and I figured it’d be cool if California LMR’ians (and other heroes ready to travel) would join me on a field trip to check out the latest in 3D printers, scanners etc together - live, as a genuine LMR social field trip event day-type of thing :)

Here’s my plan:

The biggest moments in life..

Hi Guys,

I just figured I’d share this moment with you. The picture was taken just after my wife had been given birth to our second daughter a couple of days ago, December the 22. Guess I’m not much of a planner ;) But hey, at least it was not on Christmas eve!

Thank you for the greetings I have received by mail - as always, it’s amazing to feel your friendship :)


Quest for colaboration on LMR shop development

This post was edited several times, here's a writeup:

We needed a list for items in the upcomming LMR shopping system (LMRians to LMRians, LMRians to outsiders and stuff like that, so we do not get spammed, but not logged in see all the shit we sell and buy it)

I asked for help editing the list, and that went really well. After we where done more people showed interest in editing, so now the document is open again, but only linked to from the front page, only for LMRians.


This was fun & fast - thank you so very much to everyone joining in!

Soldering music

Soldering music should be soothing, not take attention away, have no sudden breaks.. it's music that just lets you drift away in led fumes while you sit and enjoy a good body pose while you stare through a magnifying glass and get every resistor right.

So, let's have it, good links to share the good vibes and zero short circuits!

My take:


What should we do about this?

I was just tipped by LMR member 6677 about this site, that I am not even going to link to:

robot-kingdom dot com

Apparently most - if not all of the articles there is our material:

Rripped from LMR, usually without any credit given - There's a big chance you can find your own stuff there, 1:1 or put together in mashups, have a look, I found several of my things there, some re-written, some just copy-pasted.