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The biggest moments in life..

Hi Guys,

I just figured I’d share this moment with you. The picture was taken just after my wife had been given birth to our second daughter a couple of days ago, December the 22. Guess I’m not much of a planner ;) But hey, at least it was not on Christmas eve!

Thank you for the greetings I have received by mail - as always, it’s amazing to feel your friendship :)


King of Nerds -and- God of Nerds

I am sorry if this is old news to you, but I only just now saw these fantastic images because I'm poking around over on our G+ pages. May I present you .. King, and God of Nerds: Andrew "Ignoblegnome" and Chris the Carpenter :D



That is awesomeness!

From this article:


We received have our so called "vanity URL" for LMR on G+:


Bujaka! Or something :)


I posted an Anonymous video earlier here in my blog.

That cought a lot of attention and semi negative feedback from some LMRians.

I have removed the post (and posted this instead, so I'd not leave any one with a strange feeling).

Reason is solely that none of us need a heated debate - it's cool :)


Thanks for a fantastic time at the Campus Party Berlin 2012

Thanks for a fantastic time. You are all very giving and really, really cool persons. And very talented.

You know who you are.

Everyone else; Since Campus Party is a returning, and starting to be global -event - why don't we use it as our way to meet IRL?

Hope to see you next time, next place :)

(Click to see large picture :)

Googles definition of "Robot"

I know that Google is highly localized and personalized these days. But still, I was looking for any stock image of "a robot", so I searched the big G for images on the word "Robot", and look what I got:

(the second row, with yellow background to the right is LMR "Start Here robot")


I had a postcard from LetsMakeRobots

I was quite surprised, and got very happy when I received this:

Lol, I did not know we had official LMR postcards these days :D

I recon it's from the guys who went to Maker Faire last weekend ;)

Thanks guys, thanks a lot :)

Frits in ad :)

I was just doing this ad for Danish TV, and we talked about what it meant, so here is a rough translation:

Fat guy:

Now, we told the Danes for several years that they can cross this bridge to Sweden for half price, if they'd just get a "bropas" (electronic device you pay with instead of credit card) - but they just don't get it. We have made an experiment! (There are 2 signs, one says half price, and I drive onto the other)

Hello, friend (jokes with bad swedish/danish language)



Is something wrong?

Sorry for the updates - Google video

Google hosted it's own video service way back when I started posting on LMR.

I used to like Google's service better than Youtube, because it was free of ads, and had a better player - so I used that to many videos.

At the time I also thought there was a better future for Google than Youtube. Well, later Google bought Youtube, and now they are shutting down their own video service.

Cheap stuff and Free stuff

We have good news:

Cheap stuff
We have made a deal with DFRobot: From 21'st of March 2011, when you buy stuff there, and give them this code: ALABTU when checking out, you will get a 5% discount, and they will also pay 5% to support future development of letsmakerobots.com.

Free stuff