Let's Make Robots!

OK, I have just given up making a balancing robot. Ever.

Making a balancing robot - or even dreaming of making one just lost it's appeal.. because I will never make anything like this.,

California LMR field trip 2014

Hi guys,

I’m going to the 3D printer world Expo Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2014, Burbank and I figured it’d be cool if California LMR’ians (and other heroes ready to travel) would join me on a field trip to check out the latest in 3D printers, scanners etc together - live, as a genuine LMR social field trip event day-type of thing :)

Here’s my plan:

Quest for colaboration on LMR shop development

This post was edited several times, here's a writeup:

We needed a list for items in the upcomming LMR shopping system (LMRians to LMRians, LMRians to outsiders and stuff like that, so we do not get spammed, but not logged in see all the shit we sell and buy it)

I asked for help editing the list, and that went really well. After we where done more people showed interest in editing, so now the document is open again, but only linked to from the front page, only for LMRians.


This was fun & fast - thank you so very much to everyone joining in!

Soldering music

Soldering music should be soothing, not take attention away, have no sudden breaks.. it's music that just lets you drift away in led fumes while you sit and enjoy a good body pose while you stare through a magnifying glass and get every resistor right.

So, let's have it, good links to share the good vibes and zero short circuits!

My take:


What should we do about this?

I was just tipped by LMR member 6677 about this site, that I am not even going to link to:

robot-kingdom dot com

Apparently most - if not all of the articles there is our material:

Rripped from LMR, usually without any credit given - There's a big chance you can find your own stuff there, 1:1 or put together in mashups, have a look, I found several of my things there, some re-written, some just copy-pasted.

Campus Party 2013 LMR division

Campus Party has been awesome meetup-events for LMR members, and we have often been given .. very good conditions, only we should not write about that in public, because it's a complex world of sponsors and participants and dealings.

Those who went can confirm that it is really the coolest thing to meet up and .. it cannot really be expplained, but it's really, really awesome, despite any possible trouble, it has been really, really awesome to meet each other!

Robots in space.. and no Windows!

Ha, I just read this article, and thought I'd share:


Apart from the fun no-more-windows-part, I think the robot part is quite interesting - some new challenges there, zero gravity.. Hmm .. hard to test at home :)

BETA of Next generation "Start Here Robot"


You can buy the parts now! (look below for details, will be updated as we arrange more kits)

Hires slideshow of finished robot here

Video at the bottom of the post



Hi guys,