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Robocode - play virtually with robots

A friend of mine just send me this link:


Did you try it, was it fun?


LMR 4 years birthday party

Hello, and congratiolations to all of us :D

LMR 4 years birthday will be officially celebrated in the time from Saturday January 28th to Friday February 3th 2012.

It's almost a tradition that creative souls make some form of artwork to celebrate - and if you should do so this year, please either post it here, or link to it from here :)

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the front page, where announcements and stuff will be posted during the celebration :)

Why would you buy anything from Sparkfun?

Just to be able to serve you better in future LMR shop, I'd like to get any random thoughts'n inputs to why you might shop at Sparkfun instead of the LMR shop we are building?

Please don't hold back - we need to know where the sore points are, thanks :)

LMR Job database


Thanks for all the feedback :) We are considering everything while working on LMRv4 - and for now this is off the top menu on this "old" site.




Old post below:



Hi guys,

I am planning considering to make a new top menu item: Jobs (Well, I made it, just to see how it would look up there ;)

LMR ROS platform

What is ROS

Here is a list of robots running ROS

I think it would be great if we could make a minimalistic, cheap, easy reproducable, simple robot running on ROS. Something to get people started with ROS, as the isolated and primary goal.

If any one out there is up for that challenge, let me know, and I'll support by such things as getting it in the menus of LMR, perhaps make videos about it, and get it on the official ROS pages, maybe turn it into a "start here" tutorial etc.

Sell your robot design

Hi Guys,

Consider this an initial test, and if it works out well, we will get more organized and set things in a system. But for now..:

If you have a robot that you think would make a great gadget as a finished product, you now have the option of selling this design to our friends at Seed Studio.

They will eventually need this:
A finished and working prototype, Gerber files, Eagle files, and Bill of Materials.

But first they need to approve the product.

So the way you move ahead is as follows:

Quick resistor question: 3,3 V from 4,07

I am not too proud to ask:

I have a LiPo supplying nominal 3,7V -- 4,07 at the moment, possibly fully charged.

I also have a gyro sensor that ask for 3,3 V - and I'd hate to fry it.

I really, really cannot understand the law of Ohm, so I am asking, can any one tell me what to throw in there?

Thanks :)


(Oh, and any tips on brown out detection would be appreciated; I'd hate to discharge my LiPo, but am trying to keep this simple, becaue that is my style ;) - Any smart tips on making sure it will not go too low?)


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How would you register the sligtest touch?



I have an idea for a really fantastic little project (IMO :) I'll show it later, but I have run into a little challenge that I did not see when I woke up in the middle of the night with the overal concept crystal clear in my head.

I need a "probe" - a small thin stick - like a long fat needle - to move forward towards an object, and with none, or only a slight touch, register when it touch the object.