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Pinhole camera - technique used for navigation?

Playing around with a small project, of a time-lapse-recording that should track a cloud in the sky, I got to think of Pinhole cameras - and I was thinking if any one had tried to play with the technique

World's most pointless machine - Ultimate version

Now, do yourself a favour, and see this video.

All of it, to the end ;)

Arduino vs Picaxe

Should I go for Arduino or Picaxe for my next robot?

(EDIT: Please note that this is a very old post, things have changed :)

Next generation LMR: Submitting robots

Del Rudolph and I are designing the Next generation LMR :)

Now, I can promise you that we can not implement even half of the ideas that our thousands of creative and talented members might have :)

BUT! I would like to ask if there is any fields that you would like added when submitting a new robot project. Or more like; Are there ways to FIND robots that you wuld like? Because if we implement new fields, like "Does it have sound", it should be because you'd like (or think others would like) to look for "robots with sound".

How to safely connect more lipos

Hi guys,

I have 2 LiPo's and I want to spit out the united force of them into my circuit. Not sure if that is paralel or serial, and nor do I mind much, I want the verion that gives higher volts. But of course I am afraid of messing with LiPo's , so here you have my life in your hands. Will the below do?


Connecting Arduino to Mac and PC, the easy way?

While working on an Arduino-start-here tutorial, I am trying to find the most "fail proof" way to hook up an Arduino.

Now, if I could decide what OS and connection everyone had, it would be easy as this:

* Install Ubuntu 10.10 OS on your PC
* Install The Arduino IDE (and write your program)
* Insert an USB-FTDI cable from conputer to Arduino board
* Select the serial port

- And done, you can now press the "upload"-icon, your program will compile and upload.

The above is so far the easiest I have found.

Does disabled persons pave way for robots?

Please note: English is my second language, I may involuntarily make fun of people without legs and or ears etc. This is not the intention, and I am sorry if it happens!

Because of this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24014#comment-58207

I just got to think: There are many places where the installations for disabled persons may have paved way for robots to do stuff.


Android LMR app ..?

Google has made it pretty easy to create apps for their Android OS, that I am sure you have heard about, and possibly use.

I am a heavy user, and I'd like to try and make an LMR app, just for the fun of it. Or have yours on my phone?

But what on earth would be fun or possibly even useful?

Perhaps it's  an all together stupid idea, because one can always just use the phones browser, and get "the real thing" there, even log in and all. Several of my posts have been made that way, from my phone.

Best Arduino (compatible) board?

I want to make the next generation of the "Start Here"-instructions be based on Arduino instead of Picaxe.

Some will say that it was about freakin time, but so far the advantage of the Picaxe has been that I could chose a single board that "did it all": Hook up Motors, Servos, sensors and everything.

This, and the fact that the Picaxe Basic Language needs very little introduction, made it the choise - even though the Arduino series has been a lot more popular recent years.