Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party 2013 LMR division

Campus Party has been awesome meetup-events for LMR members, and we have often been given .. very good conditions, only we should not write about that in public, because it's a complex world of sponsors and participants and dealings.

Those who went can confirm that it is really the coolest thing to meet up and .. it cannot really be expplained, but it's really, really awesome, despite any possible trouble, it has been really, really awesome to meet each other!

Robots in space.. and no Windows!

Ha, I just read this article, and thought I'd share:


Apart from the fun no-more-windows-part, I think the robot part is quite interesting - some new challenges there, zero gravity.. Hmm .. hard to test at home :)

King of Nerds -and- God of Nerds

I am sorry if this is old news to you, but I only just now saw these fantastic images because I'm poking around over on our G+ pages. May I present you .. King, and God of Nerds: Andrew "Ignoblegnome" and Chris the Carpenter :D



That is awesomeness!

From this article:


We received have our so called "vanity URL" for LMR on G+:


Bujaka! Or something :)

Fractals are now in 3D, and can be rendered with Processing!
Update: I am sending in robots - see video :)     Ok, so in order to work with the new version of "Start Here" robot, (which is cross compatible Arduino / … Read more
Learn the artform of hot-gluing!
So.. You just bought a hot glue gun, and you think it is just a piece of cake using it? Well, it is actually an artform :) Seriously; Step one, before you start … Read more

BETA of Next generation "Start Here Robot"


You can buy the parts now! (look below for details, will be updated as we arrange more kits)

Hires slideshow of finished robot here

Video at the bottom of the post



Hi guys,

Can I rent a supercomputer?

I am having hobby-fun with learning Processing (http://www.processing.org/)

I like how I can do millions of vector based calculations pr second. But I want more. I want much, much more. Millions of times more. I am having fun rendering particle systems / simulations. My poor computer is rendering day and night, but it's noway near enough.

I am running programs that save screendums as PNG, and then a second program (Processing tool) to gather them into movie files.