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I made the usermap work!

Wow, after user # 10.000 or something, the user map did not work for me. By chance I just tried, and somehow it worked (after freezing in 5 minutes)

Here we are: (note that more persons from same city without specific address makes more dots right on top of each other)

Robot Events and Online Competitions

Robotics is more and more popular, and more and more events are being held.

if you hear of / know of an event, please write it here. Remember the essentials:

  1. Country and place
  2. Date
  3. Link
  4. Conditiona (open for everyone?)

Also, if you know of an online competition let us know / have a link :)

Absolutely not robot related rofl

Sorry, just had to share this :D

Dividing a word into bytes on Picaxe?

Can anyone remember how the heck a word variable is split into individual bytes on Picaxe?

Say I have the word 2234, and I want it to be transfarred serial as 2,2,3,4 .. how?

(I know I have seen this somewhere sometime, just cannot figure out where, and I am going nuts now!)


Idea: A simple way of doing balancing

I was just cleaning up my desk (a little anyway), and found myself sitting with the guts from a servo.

In essense I had:

A potmeter. If it was turned to one side, a motor would turn to one side, and vise versa. A little turning = a slow motor, hard turn = fast motor.

Hmm.. interesting..

Now, what if I was not turning this potmeter, but a simple spinning disc, acting like a simple gyroscope was attached to it?

Then if the whole thing was tilting in one direction, a motor.. OR a complete servo (with guts taken out) would turn to one direction.

Guibot's mothers shaver

Today I got a parcel with the post.

Wondering what it was, it was quite a surprice to find what I imidatly recognized as being Guibot's mothers shaver.

Guibots mothers shaver

Then I realized that about 1 1/2 years ago, I said that I would take it over if Guibot had problems coding..



:D Thanks man.. when will I ever get the time to do that? Wll, I guess I have to :) What power did your mothers shaver take?


Radio mast navigator - idea :)

Hi, just got this idea, and thought perhaps it would interest one of the clever guys out there. Hope is that a vendor will take this up, after a couple of clever LMRians have talked more about the details that I am too stupid to get into :)


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