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Should we kick out vendors? Please vote!

Question: Are we seeing too many vendors on the pages, making challenges and pretending to be friends and stuff?

Write ***Y in comments below to vote Yes to the above question

Write ***N in comments below to vote No to the above question

We ARE planning to see lots of vendors products in a new components section that we are working on. But I am sure that will just be nice for all of us; Cool products nice to browse, and a nice place to showcase what you sell (unlike now where it is a not so nice list)

Sometimes you want to be able to go at different speeds, usually to make serial connections. Here is a snap on / off way of setting it up
Update: Note that the newer Picaxe models can change a lot by commands like setfreq alone :)   This is only for dummies like myself using Picaxe 28Xx standard … Read more

It soon is time to have another LMR skype social weekend!

Yes, yes.

Will you get drunk, and join in? Theme will be telling people long tales about what you do when you are not making robots.

No one sticks to the theme anyway.

However, the word "Hello" is prohibited, anyone saying it will be kicked off the line.

Do you have a fast connection, can you host?

I just thought you should know

Now, a problem by telling anyone in here that someone else are special, is that any member that submits as much as a little tip on how to hook up an LED is just amazingly cool.

Why? Because it is in fact only a good spirit that contributes - none of us are meeting each other IRL. (to my knowledge at least).

So it is such a strange thing to give to, a funny thing to contribute to something that is only virtual.. and as said; Anyone doing it is the coolest!

What distance sensors are better and best?

I am working on a much faster & stronger version of Robot Wall Racers, using quite fast RC-cars

I want to use lasers as distance sensors, but I think they will be a little over budget, altough this is a paid for job :)

Yes, SRF05's clai, they can detect a broomstick on 3 meters.. but in reality they are not stable before say 1.5 meters.

1.5 meters when you are traveling at 25km/h is NOT a lot, when you even are set up with drifting tyres.

Money to people with time


Thanks for all the mails.

They take time to read, I will return to everyone.

I think the pool is closed for now, I need an overview, so more letters for now regarding this, thanks.

PS: Remember that Dan is doing the same; he is paying for hosting of LMR. And Del / Rudolph is spending serious amount of time upgrading the kernel to LMR II. And rik and jklug and you and you, and everyone who is writing instructions and submitting work they have spend hours on. 

Actually I only made this one partly; LMR member Karol asked me to fix an atempt gone wrong. So All I did here was to take someone elses messed up robot apart, make … Read more

Most stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

It's in the title; Most of the stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

I think.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one finding the sht that is written funny. Or are you serious?

This is not like youtube where any one is writing. It's pretty nerdy in here, similar minds. And usually funny!

There, I made a blog entry on a robot-builder-website! 2.000 robot building people will read this.

Results of the Mr Basic competition


What started out as a good idea got complicated. Sounds like any robot-project? Well.. perhaps this is why; the contest works / not works like the robots it's driven by.


DAGU first let me taste & try some of their products. Really good products, and DAGU was (and are) really polite, nice, fast responding, fair.. the kind of people that I'd like to support!

Very cheap but fun little beginners robot. It think' it has a brains within a Picaxe 8
Using a
Edit: Check out this nice clone: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8386 From building big, nasty, with large shovel, 2 cores, multiple sensors, soundsystem etc, I got … Read more