Let's Make Robots!
You buy a little thing, give it a wire with a serial string. And somewhere else you have a similar setup. And there you go; What you write to one, comes out of the … Read more

Monkey vs Robot

Well.. erh :D

One million new components to browse

As you all know, and as 1069 (Rick) recently described, LMR is very much alive, packing robo action :D

There is always something new to watch, learn, debate, and always the option to take the frontpage with your latest creation.
However, one area that is halting, is the components-section.

The original idea was that we should build a library of components, to centralize info. That way, if two or more different projects was using the same component, the info could be kept at one place.

If you are building a walking Robot, you will pull out your hair when trying to optimize the leg's movements. I had this idea; I had a digital camera, I strapped on … Read more

Message in a bottle.. or some code

This is actually a comment on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2514 - only I cannot attach the film to the post, so here goes:

Ant, I downloaded your code, and opened the guts of my robot TIRDNNWIIT, because it uses the same board. I hooked up to servos, alaser, and it was mirrored :D So I reversed, and voila!

That was fun :)

(See attached film made on my cel)


jumps like a bull on hot coal
UPDATE: Added video. I know it's motion stinks.. But it is work in progress, I only made / show you the video because I find it interesting myself to sit and figure … Read more
Update: Strobe studies - pretty crap as I did not have a strobe, but had to use LED's. But they showed m that Lil Jumpa is lifted up to the height where he's axle / … Read more
I had a dream that it would start a sort of jumping motion..
Update: Next one here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2259 Read more
On old trick to get more power out of your cheaper motors
Here's an old trick, but it it's good. if you have a setup with a (cheap) motor, and you'd like a little more juice out of it.. get some of them strong magnets, … Read more

What on earth is this?

My wife "organized" one of my drawers, and this thing came up. What on earth is THAT I asked. "It is just one of your thingeys" she replied.

It had no batteries in it, so I inserted some.. and nothing happened.

I has:

A speaker, a print (with a black-blob-chip on it), and.. some strange "sensor" or something? Strange little thing with wires on each side, to hold it together? And to mystify even more, that can be "sealed off".

Also, on the side it has some mounting-part, that had some old no-longer-stickey tape on it.