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Have you ever made a robot that ran fine when you held it, but when you put it on the floor it moved really slow (or not al all)? Hmm… Did you use a motor … Read more

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Hey - did you do this, TheCowGod?

Whoever did it, I just saw that if you want to make your own profile more interesting, here is a way:

If you have made a robot or more, then find out what your user-number is. Mine is 4, and so this link:


Shows a list of my robots!

If you edit your profile you can then make a link to your projects like I did.

Best Robot Quotes

All this robot-thingy.. so many gray zones.. Is it life, what is a robot? What drives us to make them, what is happening in the future, what is so much yesterday, etc..

It leads to many quotes, just as early computing must have had it's classic sentences & quotes.

A couple of times I recieved a mail, or stumpled upon some text, and had a laugh or a deep thought etc.

I sometimes thought that I wanted to write these somewhere, on some tag wall or something.

So here goes, comments to this post is .. BEST ROBOT QUOTES:

LMR was down - power failure

Hi guys,

The last 8 hours or something LMR and tons of other sites (including newspapers and magazines etz) has been down, due to a fried transformator-station in Denmark.

Up and running again :)


If you are designing something so complex that you actually have to think (!?!).. and you get frustrated about how ugly you draw :) .. or perhaps you'd like to … Read more

How to wire a relay


I bought some relays, just to see what could be done - perhaps sometimes an alternative to a H-bridge.. or perhaps make a light-show or something, they are very cheap, so I thought "hey, let's see".

I got some of these AZ8222, and the documentation is thorough.. but look in the bottom of the manual - what on earth is supposed to be hooked up with what?

Christmas Robots!

Yes! Finally, someone to whom you can make a robot for Christmas, someone who will love to get it.

Yes! Finally, someone who will give you a homemade robot for Christmas.

Yes! Finally you can get to actually see and try someone else's robot .. and keep it.



This is how I would like to start a page on LMR; A whole (little) section with one purpose:


Let's make robots to each other for Christmas!

Where to buy Picaxe?

There seam to be an echo of "where do I buy Picaxe", especially from newbees from the US.

Well - let´s make some web-shops happy out there, I entered picaxe.co.uk (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/), looked under "distributors" and found this most likely not too recently updated list:

International Distributors/Resellers

Don't program your robot.. Teach it!

(Update: Some time after writing the below, I made this, that may interest people doing navigation with Picaxe)


How to make a robot do complicated tasks & "act alive".. With ease..

Here is one guys humble input - I am sure you all have your own ways of programming. Just take it for what it is; My personal thoughts, use what you can :)