Let's Make Robots!

Why is portc high = low?

Using Picaxe "portc", I can get 16 outputs from a picaxe 28, which is neat.

But I allways wondered why you have to write "high portc 5" to get "portc 5" to be "low"??

I understand that since it on default is an input-port, it must be set on "high" on power up. But still you should set it to "low" by writing "low portc 5", and not "high portc 5"?

Gets quite confusing sometimes in my code; half of the outs has to be set low to be high!?!?!

The darn H-bridge

I just want to be able to reverse a current. How hard can it be?

I just want to be able to decide direction of the motor to my pic, why does it have to be so complicated?

Well - perhjaps it doesnt! Jip / Jimmy, the most clever guy in here just drew me this and send it to me.P2290333.jpg

The smallest and most-likely-to-burn-something H-bridge in the world!

If it works, I will make a full walkthrough about it.

If it burns my robot.. well.. he did warn me ;) 


Enough outs?

I am building Yellow Drum Machine, (YDR).

I have set up the basic caterpillar tracks(note how most machines are yellow, it is a law of nature with caterpillar tracks, aparently), and 2 drumsticks. In other words, the usual & basic stuff for an YDR!


I am going to build a robot that can play drums!

There you go! 

.. OK, maby not drums, but at least play on things in a funky way! 

Other compilers to Microchip PIC's (get more out of your picaxe)

It seems quite expansive, but as I understand it, these compilers


Both C, and a pre-compiled basic (no-Picaxe bootstrapped needs, use raw chip)

Aparently this way you can take your picaxe-projects, and take them to the next level if you need faster execution, wants to code in C, need floating point etc..

- But not cheap! 

Power to the motors..?

I am building "Slaughter of Lego" these days.. But I have a problem feeding the motors enough voltage. Without building a complicated H-bridge, and without burning Servos.


It is a dual core mothafukka, wait and see ;)

Lego Killa!

Staling Lego-slaughter

I have used quite a lot of time on this robot, but I still do not have a good feeling with it.

It was made to be cruel to the pity Lego-creations in my local Robot Club.. And that may be the bad carma in it, the reason for the project to stall..

I am building and building, but it is not really going nowhere.. I think it is a bad idea to build to be cruel, I may just take it all apart, and start all over with something just intended to be fun, and not made to humiliate the little Lego-creations that others have made..

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