Let's Make Robots!

Multicopters building a wall


It'd be fairly simple to adapt the thinking to less hard to work with robots, I think it's inspiring :)

Robocode - play virtually with robots

A friend of mine just send me this link:


Did you try it, was it fun?


LMR 4 years birthday party

Hello, and congratiolations to all of us :D

LMR 4 years birthday will be officially celebrated in the time from Saturday January 28th to Friday February 3th 2012.

It's almost a tradition that creative souls make some form of artwork to celebrate - and if you should do so this year, please either post it here, or link to it from here :)

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the front page, where announcements and stuff will be posted during the celebration :)

Googles definition of "Robot"

I know that Google is highly localized and personalized these days. But still, I was looking for any stock image of "a robot", so I searched the big G for images on the word "Robot", and look what I got:

(the second row, with yellow background to the right is LMR "Start Here robot")


Why would you buy anything from Sparkfun?

Just to be able to serve you better in future LMR shop, I'd like to get any random thoughts'n inputs to why you might shop at Sparkfun instead of the LMR shop we are building?

Please don't hold back - we need to know where the sore points are, thanks :)

LMR Job database


Thanks for all the feedback :) We are considering everything while working on LMRv4 - and for now this is off the top menu on this "old" site.




Old post below:



Hi guys,

I am planning considering to make a new top menu item: Jobs (Well, I made it, just to see how it would look up there ;)

Materials: 1 picaxe 28x2 servos hooked up to 6 & 7 on the board1 laserpen hooked up to 0 on the boardHow to: Download the attached programEnter your text in it … Read more
The rules here are simple: Make a robot that one way or the other writes either "letsmakerobots.com", or "LMR" the way you like it.Shoot it on video, enter it as a … Read more