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Flies - autonomously, or remote
OK, there are so many reasons for me not submitting this as "a robot", let's do them first: * It's 95% a kit * I am only showing a video- no good info, no … Read more

Can you offer too many amps?

I have this multicopter. it is a flying robot, with one huge, powerful LiPo underneath.

I say it again, it is huge, and it can pull a car with all the amps and burst-c's that I dont understand.

Building the thing was terribly nerve wrecking - though it mostly was made from other peoples semi-premade parts. Because; I have extremely delicate 3Volts electronics side by side next to stuff that needs cables fat as a thumb, because of all the juice (in lack of better words) they have to let through.

Now, my question is this:

If you are working with tiny electronics, and made a soldering error - this might help :)
Recently I had to suck up some tin, tiny-tiny.. And my sucker was way too large. I had a stroke, and came up with the thought of using a telescopic antenna :) (See … Read more
Gets funky with it's surroundings
Using a
How to make a Yellow Drum MachineAudiofile Engineering asked me to do a sequel to a robot of mine, Yellow Drum Machine. It was named Yellow Drum Machine II (YDM … Read more

Pinhole camera - technique used for navigation?

Playing around with a small project, of a time-lapse-recording that should track a cloud in the sky, I got to think of Pinhole cameras - and I was thinking if any one had tried to play with the technique

Frits in ad :)

I was just doing this ad for Danish TV, and we talked about what it meant, so here is a rough translation:

Fat guy:

Now, we told the Danes for several years that they can cross this bridge to Sweden for half price, if they'd just get a "bropas" (electronic device you pay with instead of credit card) - but they just don't get it. We have made an experiment! (There are 2 signs, one says half price, and I drive onto the other)

Hello, friend (jokes with bad swedish/danish language)



Is something wrong?

World's most pointless machine - Ultimate version

Now, do yourself a favour, and see this video.

All of it, to the end ;)

Finds the hidden racing track in every room.. and races it!
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This is updated, reason is here   A video in better quality than YouTube & Google is here How to make Robot Wall Racers yourself, see here Read more

Sorry for the updates - Google video

Google hosted it's own video service way back when I started posting on LMR.

I used to like Google's service better than Youtube, because it was free of ads, and had a better player - so I used that to many videos.

At the time I also thought there was a better future for Google than Youtube. Well, later Google bought Youtube, and now they are shutting down their own video service.