Let's Make Robots!
I was just asked "How do you wind up doing so many demos and shows?" This i how :)
I just repeated the same 1/2 hour show 8 times today, and gave a couple of interviews. I cannot remember what I said to whom any longer. I have done this, because I … Read more

Why is it always late?

Question to the live show:

Why is it always getting late, when I am having fun?


What parts to use for the next LMR Start Here robot

As you may have seen in the LMR Live Show, we need a replacement for the Sharp sensor used in the Start HEre kit, as the sensor used till now is no longer being produced.

On http://letsmakerobots.com/node/22657 a lot of really new and interesting sensors came to my attention.

Now, since I am going to do a whole ned version anyway (we cant have instructions with images that doesnt match), I was wondering if there would be other parts that should also come in to the modern times?

New cheap sonsor for the Start Here robot?

The Sharp IR sensor that is used in the present "start here" is no longer being produced.

We need to find a replacement, and all ideas welcome.

Conditions: It must be a cheap distance sensor that can be purchased "in the shops".

Cheap, and commonly available.

Holder & charger for mobile LiPo batteries (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

Since I had good luck last time (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7046) - I will try again.

This time, it is batteries.

As I was just talking with Gareth about, it is a shame that all the used mobile phones get thrown away, with nice LiPo batteries, even chargers.

And you can get really cheap LiPo's if you get some that should be sold as spare batteries to common cel phone types, or outdated models.

What I would like, would be a HOLDER and second a CHARGER. This would open a world for us!



Meet LMR friends IRL

Over times there has been a lot of people wanting to meet up IRL. And there has been a few occations, and it has allways been fcking great times! Seriously! Days to remember, making good friends.

There is something REALLY cool about meeting for a beer, it is always worth it.

If only we did not live so far apart..

Unless some miracle happens, it is hard to arrange LMR-only-happenings cross globe. No matter how many members we are, a meeting can only attract that many people, and it will be hard to get togehter from several continents.

Other robot builder communities

When we started this LMR-thing, there where not really that many robot-builder communities. Now I see them pop up, I just discovered the one that I will post below as a comment to this.

Apparently LMR is still the worlds biggest of it's kind, according to different websites that compare traffic, google-ranking etc.

So, I think it is in place to spread a little of our love, get the other guys some visits!

Engineers Build Ferrari Simulator with Robot Arm

Difference between men and boys = the pricetag of the toys

We have many visitors from china that have problems watching some of our stuff
If you are in China, you probably are aware that A) There are restrictions to your Internet B) There are ways to bypass these restrictions Now, I am not at all an … Read more

LMR meetup in Denmark?

Hi guys,

As I was asked to show some robot-stuff on a local museeum, they also invited us to make an LMR meetup at their place.

I am not sure about anything, especially if we could pull enough people for it to be worth the efford. I would say that we should be at least 25 for it to be a success, and that is a lot of people to pull that far. But I may be wrong.

They offer food and a cool place to be (It is museum for electronics) in a weekend, sometime in a weekend between week 39-42.