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miniature Arduino programming plug & other

As some of you may know i'm building miniature swarmrobots. I have finished first version of electronics and I'm in middle of designing second version. Second version will be much smaller and packs more features.

Cheap and small swarmbots

So. I'm finally building swarmbots. My goal is to have bot that is small (should be 25mm x 25mm, will be ~30mmx30mm) and cheap (less than 50$ per one. even when building only one).



UPDATE 2: Project has ended and robot is disassembled. link UPDATE 1: Since i changed from PIC to Atmega, I remade this bot's whole brain. H-bridges and motor … Read more
Drive around via infrared
Using a
Because all robot kits cost enormous amounts of money I started to develop cheap and small robot – Kobold. Small because smaller components are cheaper, sensors … Read more

The end of Snapper

So I finally had the time to finish the Snapper. Its biggest problem was the power circuit. After making custom power circuit it was time to test. And big was my surprise if the robot didn't move. All the electronics were good, the servos worked, wheels rotated but the robot was still. After thinking and testing for a while I realised that all the weight (the batteries) was in the tail and the wheels were in the front. Oh, how stupid mistake is that. So that basically ment that I had to redo all the mechanics and come up with totally new design. Yea, damn.

ubuntu & atmega

So my pickit2 kept failing, even with only pic in circiut. FinallyI got fed up of pics and windows. I deleted windows, moved to ubuntu, took out mu usbasp and atmega88. Tried to get pickit analyser (like computer oscilloscope) working on linux but it seems impossible, so I have to use windows computer for that. I also found out that linux + pic programming = big no no.


Making gearbox out of random plastic gears and small motor.
How to make gearboxes out of random plastic gears:  This tutorial shows how to make simple and small plastic gearbox with gear ratio about 1:100. Ratio can vary. … Read more
UPDATE - 8. sept. 2010 - first h-bridge and controller board done.--- This is part of my biggest robot project ... It has enough degrees of freedom (5+gripper), … Read more
It is possible to build ir distance sensor from 38kHz sensor. You need the sensor and IR led. Sensor's output goes to input pin and IR led's one leg goes to output … Read more

Attiny 3 channel servo controller

So, i'm too lazy to make tip or whateva so i just upload the video, code and text.