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Robot Video's

Robot Video's


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What did you do with your robot today?

What did YOU do with your robot today?

Robot related groups around St Louis MO


Recently I found out that there are a number of LMR members really close to where I'm at. These are the public robotics related groups around St Louis MO USA. (I'm not including the school based groups -like FIRST- as those are not truly open to the public.)


St Louis Robotics - http://robomo.com/

Central Illinois Robotics Club - http://www.circpeoria.org/

Arch Reactor (hacker space) - http://www.archreactor.org/

St Louis Maker Space - http://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Makerspace/




Youtube SCAM Alert

I found this guy stealing my youtube video's on his own channel. He literally downloaded my video's (some with my voice) and reposted them under his account. I reported the fraud and will wait to see what they do to him. But you guys need to check your stuff and report these jerks....just saying.....!!!




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LMR Social Protocol

This is a general question on "LMR Social Protocol".


Whats the social protocol on finishing a robot that a family member started and never finished, and how should I post it on LMR?

(i.e. under my account, or get his login and post it under his)

Red Green Show

Watch ALL the episodes of the Red Green Show free online:


Cool Video

Here's a cool robot video: