Let's Make Robots!
Hangs on the wall, smiles a lot.
  Cutting for Christmas!   Its fun to make presents for others with a CNC machine. I prefer the "folk art" approach over too much quality which makes things look … Read more
"Spidy" the spider robot. A bunch of people have built these. After my having seen them I had to make one too!  :-) Spidy is a Start Here type robot. Otherwise … Read more

A history lesson


I took these video's to show school kids a piece of history. But I thought you guys would find them interesting as well. Since we are a technology based group:


Cricket Chirps

Without the shoutbox it seems oddly quiet and lonely. How did we ever have LMR without it?  :-)

"Hello?......"   (echo's down the hallway)


Robot Video's

Robot Video's


(I'm just giving myself a little plug....   :-)



What did you do with your robot today?

What did YOU do with your robot today?

Robot related groups around St Louis MO


Recently I found out that there are a number of LMR members really close to where I'm at. These are the public robotics related groups around St Louis MO USA. (I'm not including the school based groups -like FIRST- as those are not truly open to the public.)


St Louis Robotics - http://robomo.com/

Central Illinois Robotics Club - http://www.circpeoria.org/

Arch Reactor (hacker space) - http://www.archreactor.org/

St Louis Maker Space - http://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Makerspace/




Youtube SCAM Alert

I found this guy stealing my youtube video's on his own channel. He literally downloaded my video's (some with my voice) and reposted them under his account. I reported the fraud and will wait to see what they do to him. But you guys need to check your stuff and report these jerks....just saying.....!!!




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