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LMR Social Protocol

This is a general question on "LMR Social Protocol".


Whats the social protocol on finishing a robot that a family member started and never finished, and how should I post it on LMR?

(i.e. under my account, or get his login and post it under his)

Red Green Show

Watch ALL the episodes of the Red Green Show free online:


Cool Video

Here's a cool robot video:


Removing Electronics Potting

Hey guys,

Anyone have any practical experience removing electronics potting?

I copied these directions online but I figured I'd ask here first as some of you guys have tricks for these kinds of tasks....


Thanks for advise!


Funny Interpretation of Robot Warfare!

Funny interpretation of Robot Warfare




( I couldn't upload the picture as it kept distorting....too big/copy write/etc )

Zero Robotics, Spheres Robotics Competition

Zero Robotics is a student competition that takes "arena robotics" to new heights, literally. The robots are miniature satellites called SPHERES and the final competition of every tournament is aboard the International Space Station.


Unfinished Projects

I was looking through the Robots section on this website. I noticed a lot of posts (mostly old) of never started robot projects. These have pictures of parts, or hand drawn concept pictures, etc but the finished product never got completed for whatever reason.

Years ago I bought a Boebot to see what they were all about. While its a good "newb" robot, it wasn't what i was looking for. So I got the idea to make it into a … Read more