Let's Make Robots!
This was my first robot I ever built. It was CNC cut from an old stop sign by a friend. It was very simple with only a Atmel Mega8, a 293 motorcontroller, and a … Read more
make motorcontrollers/pcb's survive abuse
Did you know you can solder solid core wire on motorcontrollers and pcb's to make them survive abuse in extreme conditions. Think about it, pcb traces are thin and … Read more

Just messing with Read Please 2000

Today I was messing with Read Please 2000

Its a cool program if you want your computer to be able to talk (and sound like Stephen Hawking)

Navigates around and plays a random drum beat.
Using a
    3/27/10 I soldered up an 8 watt amplifier kit from kitsrus.com (picture below) to add onto the robot. I will be using PWM into the amp from an extra micro pin … Read more

Lacking ideas


I'm lacking robot ideas. I've already made all the robots that I "always wanted to build".

So I made myself a little gimic.

I made this robot named "Pig Knuckle" that needs a purpose.

So what do you think this robot should do?

Line follower, sumo, wall follower, crash test dummy, the options are limitless.

You choose.

My local robotics group does mini competitions every few months. For October '09 the mini comp is small scale fire fighting. So this is my second of my two … Read more