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Picaxe is not connecting to computer

Well, I have taken another look at robotics and  realized why I stopped  in the first place.  I can't seem to get the picaxe to be recognized by the computer.  I am using a serial cord, and power is definitely getting to the picaxe.  I have tried too many times to locate the problem and thought that second pair of eyes might be helpful.  Below I have attached a photo of what I have done with the 28x1 picaxe.  Thanks for your help!


Schematic for IR sensors and Ultrasonic range finder

How to you connect a Ir sensor and Ultrasonic range finder to a 28x1 picaxe microcontroller?

Schematic help on picaxe

We are trying to make our first custom board and were wondering when connecting a servo what pin the black wire connects to on a 28x1 picaxe microcontroler? Thanks