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My ICS28 IC Sockets: For you!

Well, I accidentally ordered the wrong 28 pin IC sockets. These are the wide type, shown here: http://www.futurlec.com/Sockets/ICS28.shtml . What I need are 28 pin narrow sockets! Woops. I don't use any chips of the 28-pin wider configuration. I'm in the UAE so I can trade with anyone in Europe or Asia at a pretty low cost I think. Anyone up for tradesies? I've got 30 or so of these guys. If you have some extra 28 pin narrow sockets, fantastic, if not, whatever!

 So who wants 'em? :)


Salvaging a Color Laser Printer

Hey everybody! I've been following letsmakerobots for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Love the work guys, keep it up. :) I'll get right to it: