Let's Make Robots!

Tinkering with Wolfram Alpha

Well, this are fine news for people tinkering with stuff. The still new search-engine Wolram Alpha will make any kind of reference book obsolete. The now also translate resistor codes. (repost form Eggshell Robotics)

130 Megapixel camera

Check out this brilliant idea from a Japan amateur fotographer. He used an optical lens and a scanner to make pictures with 130-megapixel. This is a resoltion of 13,068 x 10,173 at almost no cost. See it here.

Octopus IP soft robot

This here could be interesting for the LMR-Community: The Octopus IP is a "soft robot", that uses a principle derived from the muscles of an octopus. It's made of rubber and strings - and it looks extremely sleek. The research for the Octopus Project is funded by the 7th FP of the EU. But, yeah. It should be also possible to assemble this at home for the freaks!

Command Line Sudo-Sandwich Robot

Well, inspired by xkcd-kid, Bre Bettis and Adam Cecchetti made a functional sandwich-making robot, that can be operated by the command line.

Thing-a-day: knit cook draw paint, make robots!


On Thing-A-Day you can be part of a special, community driven makers experience. The topic is about making things share it with others on a daily basis throughout the February. In other words... experiment and fun with people who like to do so. I got the hint via Ranjit "Moonmilk" Bhatnagar. In his newsletter he wrote:


I lately spoke to Frits, and we agreed, that form time to time I keep on posting news or articles at let's make robots. I mainly write at the blog "Eggshell-Robotics", so it can happen, that some entries will just be "re-postings", but to topics, that seem to be relevant to me. So, here we go!

Mini-Compo for ideas at Eggshell Robotics


 We started at Eggshell-Robotics a little compo to celebrate the first year of your robot-blog. We want you tosend us ideas/drawings/cakes (well, pictures of) or the like. For more details look at this post at LMR, or into accordng posting at Eggshell Robotics. In whatever you do, be sure to get inspired!

Mini-Compo at Eggshell Robotics

Hi LMR-people!

 We at Eggshell-robotics.com just passed our first birthday and we managed to make a "mini-competition". We want you to draw/animate/builb or whatever creative about something YOU love about robots. The winner will receive a free EggshellRobotics-T-Shirt. For all the rules, look here.