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Creating a Picaxe 08M LCD Driver ( 2 wire Driver )

A few weeks back I decided to make another attempt at driving an LCD using picaxe. My first attempt was almost a year ago, however when the $6 LCD failed to display anything I wrote it off as defective.

But after a long night where i found it hard to sleep i stumbled on a  site that should me clearly how to power up and set the contras with backlight on. 15 minutes in and i was hooked. LCD light boxes displayed as i adjusted the contrast using a 1oK pot.

Line detection routine too slow PICAXE 18X chip setfreq m8

Hi All,

I am currently working on code for my latest project being a sumobot style line detector. its actually my first wave before implementing a full scale sumobot. I have one issue currently that is bugging me and that has to do with the speed at which i am detecting and responding to the presence of a line. I have included my code below for general review and hints as to what I can change to make the line detection almost immediate.


Here is my code


setfreq m8

symbol LeftEye = 2

symbol RightEye = 1


A robot that flies like a bird ( Not Mine)

 So today I got this link from my boss because he knows i'm into robotics as a hobby, I have seen flying robots before but this is scary when i think about the military implications. Carzy stuff. If you have seen it before forgive me but i figured i had to share



Can't get my HXT900 servo to move


Trying to get my HXT900 to work on my test board but it just screams. I'm using a PICAXE 08M pins 0,1,2. there is a jumper that i set to downlaod and then to use as low for servo. orange cable to pin 0, red cable to pin1 and brown cable to pin2 The following is my code. Anyone out there ever came across this . Note I had it working once on my 18M



low 0

high 1

Homemade : IR Object Detection with a range greater than 5cm (target is 10cm)

Has anyone successfully implemented object detection using IR for a range greater than 5cm. I am building a robot project from scratch with the personal challenge of making all parts homemade. The brainboard and motor controller were succesfully built but now that i want to do object detection using IR (without getting the sharpe module) I have issues with ambient lighting and range.

The Making of CircumPic

What follows represents my aim at documenting the creation of my yet to be named robot using a picaxe18x for brain and a l293d for motor control. Hopefully at the end i should be able to control the robot via IR and also have the ability to flip into auto mode. Too much to expect from an 18X ? We'll see.

July 11, 2011

Photovore - Light seeking solar powered
  Introducing Medibot2, this is infact the same bot that I introduced a fews years back as MeditBOt1.Back then he was housed in an empty pill bottle. Now after a … Read more

Using Interrupts in PICAXE 08M to change led lighting routines

I was in the process of completing this carzy project of mine, where i had a single picaxe 08m chip driving four leds (green, red and amber). Its intended to give my four year old daughter something fun to look at. However I am a bit stuck as in teh code I can only get the interrupt to fire once via teh simulator. 

Any help will be appreciated.


symbol green_led = 0

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

Why does my motors stop spinning after awhile


Hi all,

I am on my second (well third if you count my incomplete herbie bot) and i have completed proto work on my project board with hook up wires. My basic code thru the PICAXE 18X is to keep pin 7 and 6 HIGH while 5 and 4 LOW as triggers to the inputs of a L293D motor driver. What I find is that for the most part the motors spin for a while and then stop for no reason.


My L293D are directly connected to the motors with no caps in place. Could the missing CAPS be the reason my my motors halt after awhile ?