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Downloading to a picaxe not as consistent as i would like

 Has anyone every encountered an issue where your connections are correct for the picaxe download circuit but for some random reason the Programme Editor only detects your chip sometimes with no alteration to the setup it detcts it one minute and not the next. once it does the program works.

code now loaded by chance:

 symbol green_led = 4

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

symbol wait_green = 30000

symbol wait_yellow = 500

symbol wait_red = 30000


Seeks out brightest source of light and when it collides nto anything will run off in opposite direction
This is my unfinished herbie style robot. For details re the journey from concept to "its Alive" check out my blog Read more

Building a Herbie Style robot called "SCURBIE"

July 5, 2009

It took me a great deal of time to decide what my next project would be but finally after weeks or browsing this site I opted to doing yet another BEAM project before launching head first into the relams of programmable robots using such chips as the ardunio. I must admit thought it was kind of tempting to skip minor projects to launch a big one. ANyways enough of my rambling.

This represents my first attempt at any robot. Not the happy ending that I expected. Even after two tries still nothing. I followed the tutorial found here :--> … Read more