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Two +V and 0V

On the Picaxe-40x2, there are two pins for +V and 0V. Am I supposed to conect both of them? What are they for?

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Cheap PCB's

You know, I just gotta plug Sparkfun again...

So I finished designing Walter's new main board (now set-up like a 28x board with all servo connectors) and was shopping around for cheap "only-one-board" PCB people. Once again, Sparkfun rocks! --They do 2 sided boards with all the trimmings for only $2.50 a sq. inch. There is a $10 set-up fee but I just got an email back and learned that is per order... You can have as many different designs per order as you want!!! Hell yeah!

By the way-- Here is Walter's new brain(s)

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Circuit board 90% complete

So this is the first pic when it was about 50% complete, with the picaxe adapter mounted. The jumpers next to the adapter are used to select which picaxe to use when programming. 


The next image is with the pwm circuit that I had worked on, mounted on the main circuit board.

The 08m(empty socket at bottom right) controls the motor pwm control circuit.

The 14m(top center) sends signals to the motor pwm control circuit.