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desoldering technique/tools

I have been soldering kits and projects for years but have not learned to desolder.  I have bought numerous "tools" to help do this but have found nothing that works for me. (desoldering strips, suction devices, etc.)

Could I get some input on what LMR folks use.  Is it just a matter of practice or technique or is there a really good tool that I have yet to find?

picaxe and Sparkfun COM-11644

I am trying to get a Sparkfun COM-11644 working using a serial connection from a Picaxe 08m2.  I have tried every combination of 08m2 pins and commands and the display responds to nothing.

The connections from the 08m2 are Vcc, Gnd and c.4 as the serial pin.  I also have this post on the Picaxe forum and have gotten several replies all of which I have tried with no success and I have sent an email to Sparkfun technical support (no response yet).

The current code is here:

#picaxe 08m2


#com 3

setfreq m8


PULSOUT problems

I am trying to use the PULSOUT command with a PICAXE 08M and a Futaba S9201 servo.  In using the PULSOUT command I am seeing an approximately 30 degree travel in the servo arm as opposed to approximately 85 degrees using SERVOPOS.  I have read the manual and several past posts on this subject but apparently "just don't get it".   The current test code is attached.   Would someone please steer me in the right direction here?


low 4

pulsout 4,150

pause 19

for b0 = 1 to 100

   pause 10


low 4