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Drives around & detects magnets
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This is what my 'half a robot' blog turned into. For some construction Photos see here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23442     Magnetnator Features: Read more

Half a robot

Here is a robot I started a few weeks ago and I hope to actually complete this one.

I'm going to try to cobble together the brains of it out of what I have lying around, which is a couple of picaxe 20M & 08M's.


It has no particular purpose except as a test bed for some ideas.

I would also like to give it some character, ie: lights, sounds, servos waving around, etc.


Here is a bunch of photos of the construction process:

'Making of' FOBOT Video

I've been quite busy & I know it's coming in a bit late, but for interests sake here is some of the background footage behind my OddBot Video Challange entry.


Entry For Oddbots Robot Video Competition

Hi all, it's 2:44 am (yawn), and here is my video.


I spent ages trying to work out the music for it only to find out just before uploading it

that Youtube will probably mute it :(


Oh well. if it happens i'll try another service.

anyway do enjoy. 


Silent (veryquietatbest) drive system for robots?

Hi folks, i'm looking for a silent or quiet drive system for my robot.

It is just a wheeled device at the moment.

I'v ordered a tamiya track and wheel set which won't arrive for a few days, and

i was wondering if anyone could tell me how quiet it is without the motors,  ie does it squeak and rattle etc.


i'm pretty sure the tamiya motors i'v ordered with it will make some noise as they are geared down.


researching this site i came across Gareth's first robot (initially mistaken for spam :)

Update on entry for cat-splat challenge. The tracks were a dismal failure so i went back to basics and knocked up 4 wheels with a rubber band between them, no … Read more
   UPDATE Right, i'll try and explain the idea            when the other leg is rotated in the opposite direction the same happens.   I found that the … Read more

Darlington driver switching different voltages??

 hi all i've just stumbled upon the joys of robotics in the last week

so i'm a little green, I've read some darlington threads already but i didn't find an answer.

Here is 'Gyroboto'

Here is my first robot attempt.


I didn't even get to the computing stage before I realised the physics were not so good ;)


PROJECT #1: 'Gyroboto'



Btw, if anyone has done any work with gyroscopes do let me know, cheers! 

So it begins...

Hi i'm new at the game.

I tried to make my first robot last week and got as far as the testing stage :)


I didn't do enough research and thought a bi-pedal walker was the first thing i should try and make!


 Ha ha ha, I saw Honda's Asimo for the first time and thought I can make something that walks in 

A: < 1 week with  

B: < $50 worth of R & D 




Thats the learning curve.