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H-Bridge NPN vs. PNP

I usually make a H-bridge with 2 NPN and 2 PNP transistors but I recently noticed that there´s allot of schematics on the net showing it with 4 NPN transistors and I started wondering what´s the right/best way to do it??



I´m at the moment working on this centipede. My plan is to putt a solar cell on it´s back and let it walk around and enjoy the summer.   Read more
The blue board is still really simple. It´s two H-bridges two bumper switches and a pic16F960. I´ll ad more to it when I get the right parts and ideas. Read more

Robot event calendar

There is a lot of robot related events around the world so why not make a Robot event calendar?
This way LMR users know were to go and show there robots and met other LMR users.
Here is a few links to start whit.

Odense robot festival 10/12 Sep. 2009 http://www.robodays.dk

DTU robocup 14/16 Apil 2009 http://www.dtu.dk/subsites/robocup.aspx