Let's Make Robots!


I recently opened a thread in the "Electronics" section as Bluetooth dongle comms which generated some good responses.

Then I opened up a robot project which I had to delete ( I'm also one of those people who do things before I have read the rules :>{ ) so this is where it is going to be documented.

I have now installed Eagle, figured out (again) how to connect components together (I was not selecting "Nets").

Bluetooth Dongle Comms

This is an Open Source, Collaberative project blog.

The aim is to use commonly available Bluetooth USB dongles to enable a PC to control a free roaming robot.

In my case the missing link which I have been trying to get working since about 2001.

The idea is to have an autonomous PC controlling the robot remotely (WITHOUT A CONNECTING WIRE ), so that I can test some rather radical Artificial Intelligence ideas that I have.

Bluetooth dongle comms

Hi All

I am busy planning a platform (400mm x 400mm) for a couple of experiments (mainly AI) that I would like to do.

I intend using a PC as the brains (program in C++, VB or whatever) BUT the platform must not be connected using wire.

Therefore there needs to be bi-directional RF communications between the platform and the brains.

As I am Electronically Challenged (to put it mildly), this is where I am stuck.