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First off, if I've missed a previous forum thread on the topic, I's sorry and could I have a link?

Picaxe LCD Direct Connection Problem

Hey There,

I've hit a snag on a project of mine. I've been trying to build a servo calibrator (to test a servo's limits and test them on robots before they're connected to the motherboard) which should operate by positioning a servo depending on the position of a potentiometer, and display the pulse rate on a 16x2 LCD. I've built one before, with an LED display and a single servo output, but this one should handle two servos.

Except it doesn't. I won't even handle one.  There's two major problems I've found which I'm looking for solutions to.

Bearing mounts

Hey there LMR,

 I've hit a bump in a project of mine. I need a simple assembly to house a small ball bearing that will support part of a robotic arm assembly. It plays a part in the wrist joint, as one side is directly servo driven but the other needs a bearing to hold in steady. The bearings I have are 8mm in diameter and have a 4mm diameter hole for a shaft or bolt. I have access to aluminium sheet, acryllic, and MDF wood, as well as M2, M3, M4 bolts and rivets for fasteners. Anything else I will have to source, but it shouldn't be too hard of a problem.