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Servos powered by arduino board

Alright, I'm using an arduino pro mini, rated at 5v with a 328. I plan to have two GWS pico servos attached to the board. My power supply for the pro mini is 4 AAA batteries rated at about 1000mah. According to pico servo user the servos have a peak current draw of about 500-550 mah. My question is can my servos be powered directly from my board or must they have a separate power supply. I've asked a few so far and different opinions came up and they told me to start a forum. I could use a different servo with a smaller current draw. I just wanted to get your opinions.


When using an LED formation, with a picaxe and added sensors, servos, and motors that is powered by four AA batteries, does that change what the source voltage for the LED formation would be? And would it be possible to add this LED formation to the start here bot at one of the output pins so you could control the blinking of several LEDS instead of one at a time. Or if there is a better way to accomplish this could you please enlighten me?