Let's Make Robots!

self balancing bot

check this Self-balancing robot on instructables. It doesn't stand upright for very long, but it's a very good starting point, IMHO.

stepper motors

I ripped apart a couple of flat bed scanners looking for gears. So I have two stepper motors in my kit box that takes up valuable space. If anybody got inspired by this and want to give stepper motors a shot, just give me your adress and I'll send one your way for free in about two weeks (vacation atm).


Hot melt glue sticks

I Have bought some 5/16" diameter Hot Melt Glue Sticks for a hot glue gun. That's not the size my gun uses. If anybody wants it, just send me your adress and I'll ship it to you for free. They're dirt cheap anyway, but I thought I should ask...

pager motors (still inside cell phones)

I have some gutted mobile phones (mostly Nokias I think), so I can part with:


surface mount LED's

motors (same as inside the GM10's)

speakers/mic's (the speakers used for the ring signal are small and obnoxiously loud, but need a strong amp)

These are the parts I instantly recogniced as usable for roboteers, but the phones are basically just partly disassembled but complete, so there are obvious more parts than the ones mentioned here.

management model


The Decepticons robots are far superior to the Autobot robots. Their only real problem is the management model applied by Megatron.

The Autobots have weaker and less agile robots, but still manage to outmaneuver the Decepticons by Optimus Prime's abillity to forge the Autobots into one co-ordinated unit.


I love the look of Polymorph. It's a plastic material that becomes soft like dough at only 62 degrees celcius, and remains shapeable until it cools down to around 50 degrees. under that temperatur it behaves like normal plastic, you can cut it, drill in it, glue it together, sand it and paint it. And if you need to reshape it; just dip it in your teacup until it gets hot again. For more details check this PDF on specs.

instructables robot competition

Instructables is running a competition for bot-makers. It seems quite simple: Upload your HowTo on their easy to use website, and tell them it's for their competition. The only restriction is that it has to be robot related, mark the word related!

Automatic transmission

I never thought i would be possible, but someone has actually made an automatic transmission out of Lego Technics.

The input shaft is connected through a pump to a valve that will change gears if the pressure gets high enough. Quite genious actually...

Here a direct link, but if you wanna see everything this guy has made, check http://legorides.simtv.co.uk/


GM10 motor strength

I've ordered th GM10 geared minimotor from solarbotics.

link: http://www.solarbotics.com/products/gm10/

I know some of you have used it before.

Mine haven't arrived yet, so I'm still dreaming about it.

Here's a quick question for those who know it;

How big a wheel can I connect directly to the output shaft on the GM10 without any significant loss of power. I see they ship it with an optional 25mm wheel, is that the biggest recommended diameter, or can I go bigger without gearing it down further?