Let's Make Robots!
Ok, soo.... I'm working on a big robot.  Its a spider tank style deal.  ..almost finished.  I've been working on it for a while.  Actually, i have 26 youtube … Read more

Spider Tank

In a nutshell, I think this thing would make a great toy.  As I've learned, most tyo companies aren't interested in taking on unusual or actually original ideas.  I guess it doesn't easily fit into their marketting system.  So, I'm throwing it out here on the off chance anyone has any ideas or knows any one or actually is anyone who'd be interested in manufacturing these.

Its made of easy to make molded plastic pieces, and only uses 2 motors.  ...should be cheap to make.

Thanks for looking!

Jaimie Mantzel

Yep... I made a plastic spider tank.  All the pieces are molded from 2 part plastic and 2 part rubber molds.  blah blah... just look at the … Read more