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Solenoid, Servo (?), relay

Hi all..! I've tried to install the picaxe 28x1 on a remote controlled car. I've just set the motor of the back wheels and they work.but there's a problem with the SERVO (?) that controls the frontwheels (and makes them turn).. 

this servo (?) has only TWO wires (not 3 like others) ..so, Gobliz,jklug80,thecowgod said that this i probably a solenoid, not a servo (thanx for helping guys) .. so here's the photo




let's make... sound!

hi.. I've just take a little speaker from a radio. there are 2 little cables, one for ground, pin for the other.. when I connect them there's a noise sound that stops when there are properly connect.. I've connect it on pin 1. but when I upload some code.. like

main: let b0=b0+1
sound 1,(b0,50)
goto main

nothing happen.. can anyone help please? ._.



Source code for Srf05 and picaxe 28x1

is this the correct way to adapt the source code of fritsl's "how to make yfr" for a srf05 sensor? ... i suppose not -_- .. T_T .. can you help me fritsl? :p 




Help with servo

hi, first of all: sorry, my english is so bad. and I mean .. BAD. 

I am a beginner, and I have some problems with servo controller! I fallowed "how to make your first robot" by fritsl (great fritsl..!!), except I used a srf05 not a ir sharp sensor device. (there's an other problem, I connected srf05 like http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66 but I can't insert a functionally command string in the fritsl's program that let it work, although it seems to work with the node 66's code)