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12.5.2012 the plan is to reuse arduino, sensors and DC motors with wheels from old bot but put it on the new chassis. the purpose is to have circular bot so that it … Read more
18.7.2010 this is my new NXT project. the plan is to build the trike that would be able to attend ISTROBOT competition next year - line following with obstacle, … Read more
collects cans into the "depot"
Using a
i decided to build this robot for Istrobot 2012, namely Ketchup House contest. LEGO was the choice, as there wasnt enough time and requirements were for quite a … Read more
nothing yet, but the plan is to follow line, maybe solve maze
Using a
time to build includes also time i spent playing with arduino before i even started works on the chassis. price is for motors, motor holders, wheels, Qik, arduino … Read more
25.02.2011 i decided to try something else with my NXT - robot with other than differential direction control. i built test vehicle for ackerman control (but with … Read more
10.5.2010 so, just before competition ISTROBOT2010 i bought myself NXT2.0 set i started playing with it, went throught the first model of guard-shooter and started … Read more
this was my first robot. though it was a kit and i didnt have to create chassis myself, it taught me a lot. after finishing the book and the exercises in it i … Read more