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How Should I Make My Robot Remote Controlled?

Hey all!

So I'm working on a robot that I will enter in to a state wide competetion and it has to be remote controlled.  I have no experience with making a remote controlled robot so I was wondering if ayone could suggest a good receiver and sender for a robot with 4 outputs.  Also I would like some tips on how to hook it up.  Thanks!


TSA Robot

Hey guys, well I saw that Fritsl was getting on me for having this project in the robot parts but since its still an idea he got pissed so I crawled over to blogging!

Ok, so the workers on the project are Jonny, Colton, and Me.  We are entering this robot into a school competition and the objective is 1) Build a robot that can complete the course.  The course is drive up a ramp, grab a 1 pound trophy and drive down the other side.

Shopping List: