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LMR is on Twitter under the name LetsMakeRobots.

LMR Tweets (updated 2012-04-22)

Want to be the voice of LMR?

Updated: 2012-04-22:

I've been 'voice' behind LMR's Twitter account since June 2011. I think it is time for others to add their voices.

This post was originally intended to keep the LMR Twitter content going while I was away on a two week vacation. GeneralGeek and BotFIN did an admirable job of covering for me, and my thanks goes out to them.

LMR is Shutting Down!


It's a sad, sad day. After four great years, Let's Make Robots is closing up. 

Operating expenses have risen, and the site has gotten so big. Some of you may have noticed performance problems of late. This is due to the load on the hosting site, which is donated by a generous LMR member. It's kept LMR online for four years, but it is just no longer adequate. 

LMR Robot Building Workshop at Maker Faire NYC!

Ta Daa!

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of our friends at  we will be able to offer a robot building workshop at Maker Faire in New York this year!

 Details will follow, but Picaxe will supply the PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board, along with some funding.

Make April LMR Donation Month - Spread the Word!

Hey, everone. 



We should try for a BIG PUSH all during April to get the word out about the LMR fundraising. We are thousands of people, so the best way to reach people is to use our numbers to our advantage.

Maker Faire 2012

Let's go to Maker Faire!

Organization and volutneers

I plan to go to the New York event for certain.

Maker Faire NYC 2011 Summary

The Let's Make Robots team had a great time at Maker Faire NYC. 

LMR received two Maker Faire Editor's Choice Blue Ribbons. One from Becky Stern and one from Chris Conners

That doesn't include blue ribbons awarded to individuals who are also LMR members, like the two given to RobotGrrl!

Lights LEDs in a clockwise sequence with adjustable speed
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