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Hacked tyco rebound rc car, now I need ideas on what to do with it

Today I dug out one of my old childhood favorites, the tyco rebound. In case you've never seen one, the rebound has 4 wheels large enough so the car can flip itself over. Steering is done like a tank with no treads, each side going forward or backward. It's also FAST. I tore it open and it's built perfectly for modding. There are 6 wires attached to a circuit board. 2 for each motor and two coming from a 6 volt battery pack.

My first blog entry and first robot

Hello LMR. I am pretty new to the site. I used to lurk around here just because I liked the videos of robots, but eventually it sucked me in. I made a start here bot but wrote my own code which I am still working on. I am pretty good with coding and am looking forward to doing more advanced stuff. My camera is broken ATM but I'm going to borrow someones camera to make a page in the robot section with pictures and video.

For now though I'll give you guys the code I wrote in case anyone is interested. I can add descriptions if anyone wants but it's pretty self explanitory.