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Oh_Oh Robots


Hello Everyone. This is a news flash from Mexico. David Cuartielles is now  here spending the summer in Mexico, given workshops about creating small robots. The Oh_Oh robot was introduced at the Faro de Oriente. This small bot is
commissioned by the Spaniard Cultural Centre and The Faro de Oriente. This bot is an open source  project created by Cuartielles and Yang from the Physical Prototyping Laboratory from the University of Malmo, Sweden.

Here you can see a few pictures of the bots. Cool, aren´t they?

underwater exploration for lakes and reefs
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Tripie v1

Well, I got a new work in progress its called Tripie.

 It will use 3 DOF per leg, the first design its based on the mini-hexapodinno.

 This is the rendered image how will looks.



Microprocessor: unknown

Sensors: sonar

Servos: 9ge

Plastic parts:  home made

Starting date: unknown


Comments are welcome..



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